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This process is detailed and takes about 10 to 20 minutes. However, it is comprehensive and works well at maintaining confidentiality of the business while at the same time providing enough information to produce interest with potential buyers.

You must follow all instructions. It is a good idea to take your time and carefully read them. They are strictly enforced and those listings which do not comply with the instructions of answering all required questions/fields as they are supposed/intended to be provided will not be posted and will be deleted.

There are 3 sections to this form:

  1. Contact Information.
    This information is required on ALL listing ads. It is VERY important to understand that listing ad options #1 (For Sale By Owner) and #3 (for Business Brokers) are the options of listing ad types in which your contact information will be displayed.

  2. Listing Information
    As you will see, some of these questions are required to complete. However, you will notice that you have the option of making them available on the listing or not. Be aware that there tends to be a better response rate for those listing ads where the owner (or broker) has been more thorough and comprehensive than from those whose owners have displayed their unwillingness to provide information which typically creates more interest. Again, all requirements and instructions must be followed.

  3. Financial Information
    The required fields (*) are just that... required. Submitting a listing ad for a business without providing answers to the required questions will result in being deleted and not posted on the site.

(*) are required.


Company Name
Mailing Address

Daytime Phone*
(include area code)

Extension (if applicable)

Business Phone*
(include area code)

Extension (if applicable)

Evening Phone
(include area code)

Mobile Phone
(include area code)

(include area code)

Email Address*
Website Address


Type of Listing*
(select one)

#1 - FOR SALE BY OWNER - $95/year (more info)
$95 for a 1-year listing for each business for sale (discounts available for multiple listings). With this type of listing, you are the contact for all prospective Buyers. receives no commission from the sale, only the $95 1-year listing fee. Note: It is not allowable to advertise more than one business for sale with the same ad (ie: 2 businesses for sale would require 2 ads, etc)
#2 - PLEASE CONTACT ME (more info)
I'm interested in discussing the sale my business through a Business Broker.
#3 - BUSINESS BROKERS - $95/YR (more info)
$95 for a 1-year listing. With this type of listing ad, you will be the contact person. With this type of listing you are not obligated to pay any referral fees or Co-Brokerage fees unless you chose to do so. Whether or not opt to co-broker is your decision to be made with other brokers of your choice.
Professional Business Brokers only. Submit the listing ad information and then contact us for further information and/or one of our representatives will contact you. 

Title of the Listing*
(see example)

Area of Texas *
Other location description*
(see example)

Select Industry*
(all that apply)

Select 1, 2 or 3 classifications that represent the industry in which your company operates.

Auto Related
Business Services
Construction Related
Computer / Technology
Distributor / Wholesale
Entertainment / Recreation / Lodging
Finance / Insurance
Food & Beverage
Home & Garden
Medical & Health
Nat. Resources / Petroleum Products
Printing / Publications / Commun. / Media
Personal / Beauty / Hair
Professional Practices
Real Estate

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Business*
(reputation, clientele, marketing advantages, competitive edge, growth potential, etc.)

Describe Staff
(description of employees, key positions, years each employed, number of employees, etc.)

The Year Established (NOT the number of years)



Asking Price*
Annual Revenue*

Owner Financing Available?*
Yes No Maybe
Minimum Down Payment: $
Real Estate included?*
Yes | Value:
No | If "NO," what are the Lease Terms?
Describe the Facilities*
Square Footage

$ Inventory*

$ Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment*

$ Vehicles*

$ Accounts Receivable (if applicable)*

$ Accounts Payable (if applicable)*

$ Debt To Assume (if applicable)*

Other Assets (value and description)


Reason for Selling?*
Length of time selling owner(s) is/are willing to remain after the sale*

Long enough to ensure a smooth transition.

Negotiable. May remain with the company based upon mutually agreeable terms and conditions.

None. The owner will leave once the sale is completed.

Number of months:

Other - Describe.


Other information about the business which may be helpful the sale of the business (you may include up to 2,000 words here).


Please read and agree to the User Agreement. Those not agreeing with the User Agreement will not be accepted.

*Do you understand and accept the User Agreement?*
Yes, I accept. No, I do not accept.


If you did not complete ALL REQUIRED QUESTIONS on this questionnaire AS THEY ARE INTENDED TO BE COMPLETED, your listing ad will DELETED. Check to make sure all questions are properly answered.

If any listing ad is found to have fictitious information, we reserves the right to IMMEDIATELY TERMINATE the listing WITHOUT REFUND (if annual listing fee was paid).


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